Payment options

You can make the payment through the following modes:

  • Bank Wire Transfer
  • Online Payment through Credit Card (Master Card, Visa Card, American Express Cards)
  • PayPal

Your financial information is always kept private and secured. We make use of PayPal payment services, which provides protection against fraud and theft for buyers and sellers. They also provide security tips and tools against identity theft and website phishing and an easy process for reporting a problem. In case you come across any problem with your eligible order, we with PayPal help sort it out.

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All fees need to be paid as per the terms of payment mentioned in the applicable order (Fees). Quintago Insights, Research & Consulting reserves the right to cancel access to the product in case the full payment has not been received by Quintago Insights, Research & Consulting within the stipulated time.


All fees paid to Quintago Insights, Research & Consulting are exclusive of all goods and services, sales, use or other taxes, customs, duties and similar levies. All the aforementioned payment payable in or to any jurisdiction or authority whatsoever shall be the sole responsibility of the client. This payment will exclude taxes levied on the income of Quintago Insights, Research & Consulting.


Overdue amounts shall bear interest calculated from the date when due until the date that payment is received by Quintago Insights, Research & Consulting. Interest at a rate of two percent (2%) per month compounded monthly (which is equivalent to 26.86% per annum) but shall not exceed the maximum amount permitted by law would be levied on the same.


The client is required to reimburse Quintago Insights, Research & Consulting for the entire collection related expenses incurred by Quintago Insights, Research & Consulting, which shall include all attorney's and service fees arising out of collections of overdue fees and taxes.

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Why Quintago Insights, Research & Consulting?

We conduct and develop detailed and rational market research reports. Quintago Insights, Research & Consulting is a one stop report destination that offers clients extensively researched, well drafted and accurately analyzed reports with insightful data.

Reports stored on our database are holistic in nature, addressing unique market-related queries. The reports provide a deep dive analytical view that offers clients perceptive insights about the market. With these reports, clients can easily understand the dynamic nature of their respective markets and, thus, implement result-oriented decisions.

Our expertise and experience make Quintago Insights, Research & Consulting the best place to address your business research needs.