Materials & Chemicals

Advanced Materials

Advanced materials are high quality materials that offer the desired characteristics for the intended purpose. They can either be a single product or a combination of products. They provide improved chemical and physical properties, including high stiffness,low weight, superior strength, high resistance to chemicals and temperature, dimensional stability, and high flexibility, among others. The superior quality of these materials enables its usage in applications such as applied physics, electronics, medical devices, green packaging, and wastewater treatment. Popular advanced materials include advanced steel and aluminum alloys and a variety of ceramics, such as silicon nitride, toughened zirconia and aluminum nitride. Advanced fibers are also being developed by researchers.

Bulk Chemicals

Bulk chemicals, also called commodity chemicals, are produced in large quantities to meet the ever-growing demand from various end-user industries such as healthcare, food processing, chemicals, fertilizer, construction, and automobile, among others.Large volumes of raw materials such as crude oil and natural gas are used in the production of bulk chemicals, which are then traded as organic and inorganic chemicals.Asia Pacific is the largest market for bulk chemicals, with China, India and Japan being the major consumers. The burgeoning growth of the end-user industries,coupled with the economic growth major consumers, including China and India, is expected to fuel the growth of the bulk chemicals market in the near future.